Running after being broke for a year

Last year while at Carlisle the pushrods on #5 bent while driving down the interstate at cruising speed, 2nd time it has happened since the rebuild

We sold our house and had to move in a few weeks after coming back so no time to work on the car. In Jan or Feb of this year I pulled the engine out and had it rebuilt again

This time everything was checked and double checked. Not 100% sure what happened but several small things were not correct

Built this time with a solid cam & lifters (already had adjustable rockers) changed to endurashine air gap intake and TTI headers

It run on the Dyno on June 28th, got repainted and reinstalled in the car. Having worked on it all week I finally started it tonight, but it was raining so I couldn't drive it

I still have to get new exhaust from headers to mufflers and some small detail things

I just hope I'm happy with how it runs now. It was not as strong as it should have been before. Now I hope it runs like a 340 should

Once the exhaust gets installed I have a 3.73 gear set to install, it should be quicker and more fun to drive

Maybe tomorrow if it doesn't rain I will get it out and drive it down the road for the 1st time in a year

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tonight after it was running

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guess I could have had it done early in the week if I didn't care what it looked like, or maybe wasn't so old

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Last time I drove it on the road, it was hurt but drove it to the airport for some Kodak Moments

it was broke then, I'm BROKE now

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