Rollback? Opinion?

I had this guy come over today just as i was about to take a much needed nap and he wanted to look at my cars so out we went to the "Field of Dreams" and he spied the E body barracuda. Pretty much all there but needs a lot of work. This thing is rough. If i were to keep it i would cut off the roof and do a vert clone but he's interested and after i told him the price($3500) he offered a trade that sounds very interesting. He's got a pieced together rollback chevy in the 78 model that he dolled up with some 86 model sheet metal and he wants to trade. I don't know much about it and am going to ride the bike up and look at it after it cools off. I don't have much in my E body so i won't loose and i could use a rollback. That rollback might get me in trouble. Any ideas?
Author: admin