Rim and tire size 1966 Barracuda

So here we go again. More questions prior to getting to deep into the project!

I am wondering if a 7" rim will fit on the front of a 1966 Barracuda with the Kelsey Hayes disc brake kit and also a 1" spacer? Is there a problem with a 7" front wheel with 4" of backspacing? Or do you think I should go with 4.25" backspacing? Which size tire should I run on the front? Is there a lower profile tire size that would eliminate the rubbing issue or is 7" to wide?

I am looking at these rims from Summit: http://store.summitracing.com/partde...975712&FROM=MG and not sure which backspacing I should order or if I can even use a 15 x 7" rim on the front? I am going to run a lower profile tire and hoping to run 16x8" rims on the back
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