Right Angle Oil Filter – NEED HELP!!!

Okay - I'm stumped............... I'm putting Spitfire headers on my '65 273 Barracuda. The driver-side header went on with no major problem, but the passenger-side is a different story.

I have a Mopar Package P5249624 right-angle oil filter base. Surprisingly, it really doesn't look much different than the original base that was on the engine (just a very slight difference in the oil filter angle). Anyway, I mounted the new one like the old one (filter pointing backwards), but it won't work, as the header collector will hit it (even without an oil filter).

Is the oil filter supposed to face forward?

There's a metal brace running from the bell housing to the motor in the vicinity - which, I believe, will preclude mounting the base "upside down" - which would make the filter point forward.........

What the heck am I missing? ..........Does anybody have photo of a correctly mounted right-angle oil filter base?
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