Resto project from downunder

Hi Guys,

I thought I'd start this thread on this site as the car being restored is in essence a 68/69 Dart with a few Australian modifications. It's a 1970 Valiant VG Hardtop with the Stirling Moss Special (A81) dressup option. These cars are absolutely identical from the firewall back to the US versions, in fact, all the panels from the firewall back were pressed in the US.

The chassis rails are 2 inches longer in front of the K-frame to allow fitment of the Oz only hemi 6 engines.

I started this thread on an Australian Mopar site last July and thought it would be good to post it on this site as well .... it'll give me extra motivation to get it finished!!

Initially I'll repost each of the posts I already have on forums just to get everyone up to date.


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