Replacing entire floor 1966 Barracuda

Ok so as some of you know I am working on 1966 Barracuda that I was just going to do some minor work and get it on the road. Well that has changed a bit so now it leads me to the next question. I have seen and read quite a few posts regarding replacing floor pans, front and rear but what I am wondering is how hard is it to replace the entire floor pan from front to rear including the hump and all? The reason being is that the original car is an Ohio car with quite a bit of undercoating and rust (no holes, just rough but not sure what is under all that undercoating!) and the new car is clean with no rust at all.

Is it possible to replace the entire pan? What would I need to watch out for? Does anyone have a good picture of the underside of an early A-body that would show me what I need to cut around? Is there any framework or anything I need to leave/replace also? Would I be better off just cutting smaller panels and replacing sections? I'd like to replace the entire thing and just have a fresh clean floor in there.

Thanks for any advice and guidance!

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