Replacing 6 cyl motor mounts 69 Valiant

G'day guys,

A little help would be awesome.
My mates 69 Valiant slant 6 is in desperate need of new engine mounts. He has the mounts and i had a quick look at it tonight but it was dark.

When you guys replace (ill be changing both motor and tranny mounts) whats the best way to get at the passenger side mount? as the driver side is fairly easy to get to. I have a lift and was thinking about just hoising the whole motor up, but without looking under there, till the weekend. Wanted to just get prepared for anything, is it easier to just hoise the whole engine up and replace both , or do you guys do it one side at a time?

Thanks for all your help, im a die hard Pontiac guy, but this little Val of my mates has really changed my tune of late, i love the thing!

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