Replacement radiator suggestions

Well, I just found out from the radiator shop that my original radiator out of our '74 318 A/C car is shot and would cost several hundred dollars to repair so I am looking to replace it with a reasonably priced stock style radiator. The car is an a/c car so it had the 26" heavy duty radiator. I want to use my original shroud and fan so I would like an original style radiator and really don't want to have to fab up any brackets. Even thought an aftermarket radiator will not be true original looking I would like to keep the overall original look so we really are not looking at aluminum units. We are building a relatively hot little teen for the car so I do want good cooling. What do you guys suggest? It looks like Advance Auto Parts and the like have replacement 2 row radiators and more than likely that would be fine but if there is a good reasonably priced 3 row set up I would like to check that out. As you can see we are in Fl so cooling is important. All suggestions are appreciated.Thanks!
Author: admin