Red Hot 360???

Well, finaly today my son got his 73 duster driving around the yard. Its about 4 years into it. Engine has been opened a few times with a new purple cam going flat, rings, bearings all that good dodo. Now today we got the carb right, the 391 SG works fantastic. Really like that. Anyway, there is a fairly big cam in it now from Crain. With a 180 thermastat and it gets red ass hot fast. EVerything is good, clean, strait, open and tight. But men it gets hot fast. Its an auto, 360, crain cam..kind of big..wide lobe seperiation. Thermastat is installed with the spring and the 180 bulb towards the engine. Springs in the bottom hose too. Timeing is good runs like a back firing and mean ass rumpty that cam. Any ideas??

Author: admin