rebuild point distributor help

I have the service manual for my 65 valiant but i'm having trouble figuring out exactly how to properly shim the distributor. When i took apart my dizzy (V8 point style converted to Ignotor I) to play around with the mechanical advance there was only one washer below the advance plate and one washer below the body. But the manual shows 2 washers below the advance mechanism...?

In the manual it also specifies what end-play is needed but i'm not sure i understand what that means - is it the amount of play in the shaft when i push it up and down trough the body?

Finally, the cap i have on it doesn't 'lock' into the dizzy body like i'm used to - if you grab the cap when it's clipped in you can rotate it a bit - seemed strange to me - does that sound normal?

Appreciate any and all feedback!
Author: admin