Rear end swap

Well, I finally picked up an A Body 8 3/4 housing drum to drum with axles and new brakes and a 3:23 open 489 case. I have a 3:91 741 case suregrip that I picked up last month. I am finally loosing the 7 1/4 time bomb.
The 3:91 is a 741 housing (should be ok for the street motor with no slicks). The housing I bought comes with a 3:23 open in a 489 case.
What issues will I run into for this swap. I know I need shock plates and U bolts. Will the axles with the 489 set up fit the 741? Will I need to get the DShaft shortened moving from the 7 1/4 to the 8 3/4 (the car is a new style 833 4spd). Last, what are the 323s worth
Thanks guys.
Author: admin