Rear End Swap 7-1/4″ to 8-1/4″

I got my rear end job partially completed this weekend. I replaced my 7-1/4" 2:76 geared unit with a home built 8-1/4" stuffed with a track-lok limited slip and motive 3:55 ring and pinion. Note the vice grips in the upper left corner of shot holding the brake hose closed. I simply cut it with a razor blade and clamped it with vise grips to facilitate removal. The brake line nut was later heated with a torch then hit with oil which sucked right into the flare fitting/threads preventing the tube from kinking and twisting when turned with the wrench. This technique saved all of the brake lines on the 35 year old doner housing for the 8-1/4 during brake hose and wheel cyl. removal. I also chased the ubolt threads with a tap, torched the nuts and oiled them, made removal with an air wrench possible without breaking them or having to cut them. Having a torch and an air wrench is almost mandatory when working on anything going on 36yrs old.

Here is the little 7-1/4 ready to come out:

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