rear end crackage

Greetings from sunny Kalifornia, please send rain!!!!!!:angry7:
Got my hands of a '72' gold duster...finally!:love7:

She has a 225 6 banger, auto trans (reverse? No!)

When I brought "the beater" home my wife fell in love, instantly!

Some very strange noises have been comming from the trunk, like a tool fell out onto the street.

Up on stands, I find 10 Lbs. of orange silicon attempting to seal things on the rear end.

Removed bolts, pryed carefully and found that the large pin in the center loose and beat up on both ends.

Upon further inspection, the piece that the pin goes through, has a crack in it!!

Which of the many topics (here) would be the best place to discuss my delima?

Any advice is appriciated,

The wifes problem with the crack in her rear end jokes are appriciated as well.

I have pics, if anyone is interested, (the car, not the wife)


PS, I tried to measure the ring gear, looks like 7"

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