rb dart 440 need imput

Hey moparites, new here have been ckg out site really cool 2c so many a-body dudes and dudettes. kicks a$$ in sw mo. am building 71 dart 440 060 trw 11.7 ed head portmatched int-ex comp 928 springs resized ly rods arp bolts steel crank comp 555 lift 306 solid 260@.50 team g ported intake 930 stigmeyer carb flows980+ alum water pump and housing hooker super comps 2'' fenderwells 1.6 comp stainless steel rockers crane p-tubes rebuilt 727 shift kit carbon trans cover lupo dynamic 9.5 converter 4:10 detroit locker 8 3/4 narrowed r-end ss springs comp adj shocks pinion snubber motor is balanced b.p holley blue pump-reg fuel cell 10 gal alum 1/2'' line fram tied springs moved in 4'' will run 29.5-11'' slicks at trac but 11''x27'' street tire on street. Car is minus underdash crap x-cept wipers-lites horn-signals to pass inspection 4 tags on street[ no heater box-core] have full int shortback buckets,carpet b-seat no roll bar yet. Disc brakes new f-end , convo-pros all around, twin hood scoop hood, rear spoiler. Dont know what it weighs guessing3200 with me[180] not sure yet, wanting some input on guesstimation hp and et with this combo on street , on strip with slicks? anyone knowledgable about this combo or similar? car is canadian 6cly auto conversion, schumacher mounts- 8 3/4 added etc.:read2:
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