Rad Caps??

Think I have the right idea..just want too make sure and get some feedback.

I noticed today (after a good ride weekend) that I had a "small" upper seam rad leak. I believe that my cap is rated at 16-18 PSI and that my stat is 180*
I will be looking for a new rad down the road however for the time being I did a quick JB weld job on the seam and will hope for the best.

My Question..
I was thinking of replacing the cap with a lower PSI (for the stress facture of the rad) but this would lower my boiling point...and if so, does this mean that when the stat opens at 180* that the engines/rads high water pressure would just bypass the cap seal...(piss out) then overheat the engine??

Should I just keep the same Cap and hope for the best until I get a different rad?

PS..318 30K over - heads are 360 in 318 cast.

Thanks for keeping me stright.
Author: admin