Quest for 70′ model year grill

I feel I need to tell this story and give the "wifey" some props. Some of you may or may have not noticed that the front of my 70' Newport has the 71' model year grill. The 71' grill had two long horizontal bars going across the length of it and it just looks out of place on a 70'. This has been gnawing at me ever since I first came across the car up in North Jersey. It is very hard to find a 70' grill for the Newport that isn't trashed or ratty looking, and getting the trim pieces to go along with it, that are not also trashed -is damn near impossible.

But with that said because she has super human mutant shopping powers (as do all wives/women) she was able to find a 70' grill that was not only in marvelous condition, but she got it almost free from a seller on ebay after chatting back and forth through email..."free" meaning it was an extremely cheap price the seller charged for the item. She then proceeded to go to the Murray B. Park website (I'm sure everyone here knows that name) and found the trim for said items, trim that turned out to be in extremely good condition AND also got for a song and half a dance.

I don't know how they do it, but women know how to play the bargaining game like a polished symphony. So anyways, I just wanted to put this out there...I am an extremely happy camper now b/c I HATED the 71' grill on a 70' model, and greatful for my better half.
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