Putting discs on the Dart, have more questions.

I plan on putting some disc brakes off of a 73 Dart onto my 67. I bought the upper control arms/spindle/caliper set up at a swap meet.

My questions concern the need for me to use a V-8 drop drag link. I plan on completely rebuilding my front suspension. My dart was originally a slant 6, with 9 inch drums. A guy I know has a "drop down" drag link, from a big block 68 Cuda that I can get pretty cheap.

To further complicate things, I want to buy some 67-72 lower control arms that have the factory sway bar tabs. Does anyone know what sway bar I would be able to run with these? If it is a stock 67-69 Dart V-8 sway bar, how hard are these to find?

All of this combining different years and different engines, is confusing even when you're doing the front suspension! Thanks for your replies.
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