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Hi Everyone

Well I have crunched some numbers and it looks as though I will not be able to do anything with my Valiant for a few more years. The car has sat for almost 8 years as of this year, it was a good runner when I parked it and it has run though not on the road since.

It is a 1965 Custom 100, 2dr hard top, original V8 car, though the 273 is not in it at this time. It is burgendy body with a black roof original from the dealer. A 1972 318 sits between the fenders right now. I do have the original engine as well as a second 273 of the 64/65 year. The rear end has been changed to 8 3/4, but it was not the original rear end when I bought the car. I have also had the rear leafs upgrades to super stock. The fornt end was also rebuilt with stock rubber. As well as 383 resto torsion bars to stiffen up the handling. At this time I also up graded the brakes to 73 dics. I also have a 73/74 swaybar though I never seemed to install it. I also have a set of 340 J heads to go wit the car. As well I do have some extra Body parts to go with the car.

Now as for the body, the previouse owners seemed to use the brail method of parking, as did one of my exgirl friends. So the body does need some work, this is the reason for the extra body parts.

I though I would give you guys in Victoria, Island and lower mainland the first crack at it I have no idea what it is woth. But if I keep it it will just sit where it is untill my parents move or I win the lottery.

aka custom100
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