power buldge hood inserts

I don't know if anyone here is going to know this or not... what am I saying someone will know. Anyway I took apart the chrome trim inserts that go on my power buldge style hood on my 69 Dart and was cleaning them, and I always thought the outside edge of the middle piece (the part with the fins on it, and that holds the 340 FOUR BARREL plate) had a little bit of texture on it, but as I was cleaning them what I thought was texture was scrubed away without much effort. So my question is "do the insert have a texture to them or have mine just been really dirty for 20 years"?

Here are some pictures, it might be a little hard to see what I'm talking about butI hope this helps. I'm thinking this a good question for George R. since he is the king of all thing 69 Dart!!

Thanks, Rich
Author: admin