power booster pedal travel

I have a '65 Barracuda originally shipped with manual brakes. They worked well, especially with the front disc conversion. The problem is that my legs are full of metal rods and pins and I find the manual brakes painful to use.

To this end, I've bought a power booster from Wildcat and had it rebuild by Booster Dewey. Tonight I bolted in the booster and found that I have a problem.

Inside the car, with the new linkage connected, the pedal rests pretty close to the floor and moves only about five inches before it hits the carpet. I cannot force it backward no matter how hard I pull (which isn't very hard) on the pedal.

Have I missed something? It seems like something is really out of whack here - a bigger hole the firewall? A different brake pedal?

Maybe there's something that those with power brakes know about this that I don't. Any help would be appreciated.

I don't believe the booster is incorrect for the car.

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