Potential sellers, please read this! (warning:Rant inside)

I have to vent a bit, and as a newbie here, I hope y'all (or YUNZ, in Pgh lingo) don't mind. :)

(rant mode ON!!!)

I have been looking for an old Mopar for just a little while now....a few months I guess. I am checking ebay, craigslist, the for sale area here, etc daily, waiting for the right one to come along.

I am willing to travel 3-5 hours to find the right one, but only after doing some screening. I have already gone to look at a couple that were 3 hr drives.

But, in this economy, it is EXPENSIVE to go and see every car in person without doing some pre-screening. Your ad is not the only ad I am looking at.

If someone posts an ad on the internet, I assume that they can and are willing to provide MORE info via the internet.

Why are so many sellers NOT understanding that? Why do so many say "If you are serious, I can send more pictures." or "I have had quite a few inquiries about this car."

They post a 12 word ad on craigslist and then balk about my asking for photos and more info, or insist that we talk on the phone.

Before making a multi-hour road trip to see a car, I would like to see floors, trunk floor, door jambs, under the car, various angles of the body, interior details, etc. Basically stuff that you would look at if looking at a car before you buy it. The more pics the better.

If I stumbled upon a 1970 hemi Cuda that is said to be in good shape for $5,000 I might jump in the car and get there ASAP with only a pic or two. But I am looking at Dusters and such in the $5-8k range and there are a LOT of people who believe that their beater is worth every penny of that. Well, I say, prove it with pictures and a detailed description and I will buy.

Is it a pain for the seller to take and post all these pics? I guess to some degree...but how bad do you want to sell you car? After all, YOU are the one who posted the ad offering your car for sale to begin with. YOU are the one who wants to sell ME something.

Another way to look at it, you only have to take the pics ONCE...you only have to write a detailed description of the car ONCE. If I pass on your car, you can use those pics and that detailed explanation to present your car to the next potential buyer.

I am (very) serious about finding a car....however, I won’t know if I am serious about your car until I can get more detailed info....pictures speak a thousand words and answer even more questions. You are X hours away from me.....I have no problem making that trip to see/buy a car that is worth the trip, but again, I can't know that until I can see more.

If I like what I see in the pics, then a more detailed phone call would be in order.

After looking at a few cars, I have learned that what is said on the phone isn't always as accurate as pictures. True, pictures may not show everything either, and thats where an honest phone call is great.

If you prefer selling to someone who is close to you who can be over at your place in 10 minutes, or if this is too much of a pain, I understand and nothing more needs to be said. Just tell me that in the email and we can both move on.

Or am I way off?

Thanks for listening folks. :toothy10:

(rant mode OFF.....:) )
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