Ported X Heads

I've got a pair of X heads for sale, ported by Bobby Joseph @ BJR Racing.

One of the heads has some issues.

First, on one of the cylinders the guide bosses have been completely removed. Bobby was able to work around this by cleaning up the rest of the port to make it flow as much as he could.

The second issue is this... the cylinder where the guide bosses have been removed may have a crack in it. I put these on my engine, had the "bad" head on the passenger's side and wound up with a lot of coolant in the oil - so much that i hydraulic'd the engine. After fixing that (and not knowing there was a head problem) I switched the heads so now the "bad" head was on the driver's side. Again, wound up with coolant in the oil. So it's leaking from that cylinder. I didn't look into what the problem is, so I don't know for sure if it can be fixed. I spoke with a couple of head experts who said that depending on where the crack is, it probably would be able to be repaired.

So here's the specs on the heads:

"X" (894 castings), machined for 2.02 intake valves and 1.60 exhaust valves

Ported by Bobby Joseph @ BJR Racing: valve job, hand blended and polished the bowls and radiused the short turns.

These have been milled quite a bit. One head has cylinders that are 58, 56, 53 and 55 CCs, the other is 53, 51, 52 and 53 CCs.

Flow numbers:
Lift: .100
Intake: 82
Exhaust: 74

Lift: .200
Intake: 164
Exhaust: 113

Lift: .300
Intake: 209
Exhaust: 142

Lift: .400
Intake: 242
Exhaust: 192

Lift: .450
Intake: 249
Exhaust: 198

Lift: .500
Intake: 246
Exhaust: 204

Lift: .600
Intake: 241
Exhaust: 210

These heads are sold bare - no springs, no valves - just the bare castings.

Since there is an issue with one of the heads - they are also being sold AS IS. You take responsibility for having the "bad" head repaired. If you can get that head fixed these heads will SCREAM on a small block. They were set up for my engine which is a 360 with a 513/533 lift hydraulic cam. Desktop Dyno said the engine would make 467 HP with these heads, which is around 80 HP more than before they were ported.

Price: $350, plus shipping.

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