Please Adopt This German Shepherd Dog!!

Yes, it's that time again... I saved two mutts. Rottie mixes. Here's a stunning purebred by the name of Rocky von Ritterhaus. My first GSD name was Rocky. He is now in the "Land Of The Slow Squirells" and I miss him dearly.

Here's your chance to get another Rocky. :)

Get details and more pic here:

Please don't be put off by the fee. Merlin was $75 from the shelter, but after all was said and done (including giving Maxi kennel cough and worms) was about 500 bucks. THis boy has been well taken care of and just needs a good home. He's only 14 months old too. He is picture perfect!

Oh yeah, had to throw in another pic of my mutts. :) I just brushed them and I knew they were just going to jump right back into the mud.

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