Playstation 2

I have a playstation 2 for sale its the older thicker one but it works just fine. I have 40 games i'll sell with it Guitar hero is one of them. I have Nascar 08 and a couple other years and more. I have 6 controllers plus the guitar 3 wireless i think and 3 wired ones. Don't know if they all work i know at least 4 of them work but all have there problems except the orginal corded one. I have 2 memory cards for it also. 300obo bucks plus shipping for it and all the games I figure if you go to wal mart and but out of the cheap bin even at 10 dollars apice its still 400 bucks plus the consol plus the controls and memory cards. And you won't find Guitar hero in a 10 dollar bin.
Author: admin