Piston ring end gap

The more I read about it, the more confused I get.

On my 4.070 bore small block, using Ross pistons and Sealed Power rings, Ross recommends .004" gap/inch of bore for the top ring, and more for the 2nd ring. Sealed Power recommends .0045"/inch for the top ring, and less for the second ring.

Also I see the resulting 0.018" top ring gap would be considered too tight by some.

I hate to just pick a number I like for ring end gap. Right now I'm sticking with the ring manufacture's suggestions.

Engine specs are 4" stroke, 10.7:1 with ported Eddy heads; Comp XS282S mechanical cam; Holley 870 Street Avenger; Eddy Air Gap RPM. High performance street use.

Author: admin