pinion snubber and subframe connectors

Hello, i have a 69 440 dart running mid 12's rite now.
The cars ripped down and going through everything motor...suspension....interior and paint. and as suspension goes i have ajustable front and rears and /6 torsion bars. now everything rite now is great but it dosnt seem to launch hard. it kinda just picks up and tilts and goes. I was thingking puting some subframe connectors in because i do notice the body twist a little when i launch and i bought a pinion snubber just to see if that does anything too.
Can anyone tell me the true effect of both?
I understand the snubber keeps wrap down and the connectors keep the body twist out but i guess my question is do these fixes truley have a good noticable effect on the launching and driving?
Author: admin