Pictures of dual exhaust on BB Magnum anyone???

I need some pictures of a nice dual exhaust setup on a 78 400ci Magnum so that I can show the exhaust shop what can be done..........But for now I need mufflers and want to just buy them for the headers but want to get what will work for the exhaust project that will come later.
I will post pictures this weekend of what I have already done to my car...You guys will like it....Just remember pretty dont make it run LOL
Supercharged and the hood closes.......test drive was too loud and cops were called tooooo many times already ....... 3.23limited slip 9.25 rearend just spins the tires. no matter what!!!! need a different rearend and 4.11 gear as I have a built trans ready to install with a gear vendors unit on it sitting in my basement. Waiting for a chasis dyno first on the beast. I also installed the Holley Commander 950 pro 900CFM TBI on it so thats the biggest reason for the need for a dyno to dial it in for me.
Well I also need to know how to post my pictures. Alot of fabrication was done by me to make all this work .....Alot.......You guys will enjoy it.
Author: Moparfreud