Pics of your Silver Darts

I think i've decided on a color for my dart. Its a silver metallic from summit racing. Choosing this paint because its a lighter color and it wouldn't show all of my flaws in my beginner bodywork hopefully. this is going to be my first paintjob and first time doing real bodywork.

trying to get ideas for the black accents. I think i'm going to paint the entire hood (Including a 6 pack scoop that i'll be installing) a "hot rod black" which is a flat black with a satin finish. thinking about also possibly painting entire trunk lid black. not sure how a black hood and trunk would look on an all silver car.

trying to figure out other ideas for accents that i might do.

If anyone can post pics of silver mopars that they can find. Or of their own I can't find too many pictures of silver darts on the Web.

alll comments and advice are appreciated!

here are the 2 colors i think i've chosen:

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