Pics from Mopars With Big Daddy

What a fun time, I got to meet some members and walk through drag racing history. I'll start with some members pics and a one of Big Daddy himself signing my shirt. People were trying to talk to him but he couldn't hear a word, that part was sad.
There was a plan to hook up at waggins waggon but I couldn't find him at first, the wife and I did a walk through and then we was thirsty =P~ and went back to the car to have a couple cold ones. While there I decided to move the truck closer and parked across from a blue Duster which looked kind of familier, as im sitting there the owner walk up to it and it was player1up(Matt), I recognized his shirt.8) We said hello and he told me where waggin was at. I snaped a pic as he pulled away. :burnout:
Got to meet Waggin, his dad and his son. His car draws alot of attention, more then most the trailer queens there.:-D I also met two more members at waggins car but cant remember there names right now, sorry about that please feel free to post up if you want.

I also was looking right at 71dartswingers car and didn't realize it was yours, sorry(I was the guy pointing out the rocker trim moulding to my wife) Nice car.
hemiduster, I probably was right by your car as well. I see the pic but I think ther was some comotion going on at the time, were you parked between the two cars I took pics of? Sorry
I did meet Charlie S and see his Charlies Angle 170 ci Barracuda on steroids.:cheers:
I didnt see 71dodge(Dylan)

I will start with these, I took 347 pics. The drag museum gave me goose bump when you look at the cars there and think of the history behind them.

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