Picked up another Dart/ 67 HT this time 273 I have a question? or 5

I am buying or should I say buying back a 67 Drat HT I sold to a buddy a few years back dirt cheap. hes decided hes done with cars and has never started this car, so I am giving him what he paid for it and buying it now that my 67 POST car is 90 percent done. Its a red car originally and a column shift 273 car. I am hoping it runs as I never tried as I was putting the 340 into something and decided to use the post car.
Now, if the 273 runs well, I plan on leaving it for a while as a driver. What kind of mileage are you getting on your 273 cars.
I plan on Eventually using a big block or HEMI and doing a clone HEMI or bigblock car. Who is where is th ebst place to buy a HEMI hood or the six pack style scoop, the low and or high styles I have not decided which I like best. Thanks for any info.
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