P.G Classics Reproduction mirrors

Hi, I reciently purchased a pair of mirrors for my 70 swinger from P.G Classics. They seem fine enough but are totally different than what is currently on my car. They said it was for a 70 swinger but although similiar they are different. Mine are 4" long at the base with two external screws holding them to the door. These new ones are 2 5/8" at the base with one screw and the other is a stud installed from inside the door panel. Screw holes are not even close to lining up. So which ones are wrong? I should have taken one off and brought it with me when I picked up the new ones, (P.G is a 2 hour drive from my house), but I didn't. I flipped through their catalogue but didn't see any mirrors that look like mine.
Author: admin