personal issues help!

ok guys heres my problem i have, I took in my father who had no place to live a year ago or so... hes 52.. im 20, my fiance is 19 and my son is 2.
I lived in a two bedroom 1 bath before he came and when he moved in i deceded we needed more space and i wanted a garage so i got a bigger house so he would have a room and i would have a garage and a workshop..
Now the problem is that after 2 years he isnt working still even though he has an amazing track record of work (7 years college, lawer,judge,cop....)
I am now at the point of destruction, i have been telling him for years to try and find work and he still hasnt.... he watches my son except when hes at school monday/wed/friday/ 7am-noon and weekends. so it does help to have him financially as a sitter but the cost of food and utilities and getting a bigger house is killing me.... his weight and back / knee problems keep him from really working too much but he can get a legal job in an office somewere but just wont... im not sure what to do.. i recently told him he has to get a job and help or move.... but knowing he has nowere to go im afraid of him brother cant help and my dad cant stand his girlfriend and he actually is considering moving out of state now just to handle the issue... and hope to find work out there and live with distant family.

Hes living off me and begging my brother for money daily to get by but being my father im between a rock and a hard place... im 20 years old and getting married prettty soon here and i just feel dumb having my dad sleeping in the guest room and feel like after i moved out when i was 16 and lived on my own until now having my parents moving back in is crazy... and the wifey to be seems she wants him gone too except the fact she will miss him too and probly dosnt want the extra cost of day care we cant afford....

what do you guys think?????
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