Parts from 73 Duster

Parts are from a 73 Duster: (Shipping from 43612 in Ohio)

Right side window regulator-$40.00
L&R vertical window tracks-$15.00 Each door
1pr. Black coat hooks-$5.00
1-Underdash rear window defrost switch-$15.00
1-blue ashtray-$10.00
1pr. blue front door armrest-$20.00
1-Under dash A/C vent-$40.00
2-A/C under dash hoses-$30.00
1-heater core for A/C car-$20.00
L&R calipers(cores)-$5.00 Each
2-rear bumper guards(all rubber)$40.00
1-License plate light-(1 screw hole broken out but still holds screw)$5.00
1-chrome nut that holds outside mirror remote to inside of door-$5.00
1-hood latch-$25.00
1-hood latch support (the part hood latch mounts to)-$20.00
1-tray w/hood spring (mounts between radiator support and grill)-$20.00
1-K frame to radiator support bracket-$10.00
1-set Bench Seat tracks-$20.00
1pr.-Blue bench seat headrest-$40.00
1-Blue bench seat hinge cover(pass. side)-$10.00
1pr.-Blue bench seat backrest release buttons-$10.00
1-Heater box to cowl rubber seal (used)-$3.00
4-hood to fender rubber bumpers-$4.00
L&R rubber stops that go inside bottom of door-$2.50ea.
1-A-body fuel sending unit(missing sock)-$10.00
Trunk lid torsion bars-$25.00
2-glove box cables-$2.00ea.
2-glove box light covers-$2.00ea.
2-blue inside door lock knobs-$1.00ea.
L&R door lock rods & pivot-$5.00ea.
1-under fender antenna base to fender support,rocker shaped piece. $5.00
1-indash heater A/C controls.right mounting tab broken off. Use for parts?-$20.00
L&R chrome trim that goes from door sill plate towards rear seat.(not perfect) $10.00

Pics available upon request. Price does not include shipping. Parts sold "as is"

****Following Parts are Pick-Up only in Toledo, Ohio (from 73 Duster)****

1-Hood,Good condition.Blue in color. Has holes from hood pins $125.00
1-RH Door Shell. A couple small rust holes on lower inner panel. otherwise solid. $50.00

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