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Time to clean out my garage.

3 each A-body left side remote mirrors. 2 are in really good shape, one has some pitting. $40.00 each for the nice ones, $15.00 for the not so good one.

2 SETS of left and right REMOTE chrome rally mirrors. Both sets in good condition and the remote cables work correctly. $75.00 per set.

1 set large ball joint upper control arms. Tight ball joint sockets, not bent or damaged. $50.00

1 Petronix LA electronic distributor. This one only needs 2 wires and no ballast resistor to run. Came off of a 318 Dart I had. Shaft is tight and no slop anywhere. $40.00

1 Magnum timing cover. Its black (don't know why, not painted). $15.00

1 LA timing cover. $20.00

1 Milodon 360 center sump oil pan Summit P/N MIL-30755 with pickup Summit P/N MIL-18650, and Melling Oil Pump Summit P/N MEL-M72. Comes with new pan gasket. $75.00

1 Magnum 5.9 short block with center sump oil pan. Block and bottom end in good shape. Ran until I put my stroker into my Dart then used it for parts to put the stroker together. Also have the heads but I know they will need to be cleaned up. FREE FREE FREE.....

Items located in Leominster, MA

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