Parting out the KB 528 wedge?

I can't believe that no one wants to pony up for a complete and dynoed 775HP KB 528 NSS wedge. 1 day to go on the eBay auction and lots of tire kickers and folks who want something for very little. I know times are tough out there but come on.

Oh well, tantrum over.

I'm going to start eBay auctions on the 528 parts Sunday night, I know the stuff will sell piecemeal but God, what a waste. I've been tempted to detune it and put it in the 64 Savoy but once again I'd be compromising, so that's off the table. I'll keep the parts that I can use on the hemi that's going in the 64 and sell off the rest.

So, keep your eyes peeled if you are looking for some top notch parts for your race project. I figure the new KB block will go fast and the Victor MW heads should go quick as well.
Author: snook