Parting out 1965 Barracuda

Parting out a 65 Barracuda 273-4v 4 speed car. This is a correct, but unusual car. Barracuda with the engine, trans, package of a Formula S...but not one. I have owned it forever, but just never got around to the project.

I have the first group on Ebay right now with no reserve on any part. Commando emblems, headlight rings, PLYMOUTH trunk letters, and all four wheel lip mouldings are currently listed. I will list more this Sunday, but if there is something you need from the list below...just let me know.

No drivetrain parts, other than 7 1/4 are available. Will trade 65 heads and intake for 66 setup.
  • Front fenders are clean, no rust, and straight. Flaking primer over original rose/copper paint.
  • All side glass with trim is good.
  • Back glass is good.
  • Tail lights are okay,but pot metal is pitted. Back up lights in tail lights.
  • Front buckets and complete rear seat are good. (Black interior)
  • Fold down rear panel with locking bar is complete and in good shape.
  • Seat belts are good
  • Doors are both good with no lower or bottom dents.
  • Rear side glass is good
  • Window regulators are good
  • Vent glass is good
  • Factory AM radio and plastic bezel
  • All dash parts are good to include trim and glove box door. (dash pad is cracked of course)
  • Front bumper is very nice, with bumper guards
  • Rear bumper is straight, but chrome is very bad. Good for rechroming.
  • Grill is good with no breaks or damage, but no longer bright finish. Very straight.
  • Trunk lid is good with one small rust spot (easy fix) and under lip is good.
  • Hood is rough on the nose (rust)
  • Front windshield is cracked
  • All interior trim is in place
  • Barracuda rocker trim is very good.
  • Some misc exterior trim is all straight to include around windows
  • Quarters are good with minor rust on one.
  • Roof is good
  • Floors are good.
When I have parted this car out....whatever remains is free if anyone needs a race car/pro street body or patch can have it, just come pick it up. It will be a roller with a 6 cylinder K member and 7 1/4. No title, no vin, and no data plate. I would have restored this car, but someone removed all of the above from my storage site, and I cannot find the title. (No VIN title) I am simply removing the drivetrain for another project.

You need something. Let me know. Thank FABO for the lengthy post. PM or post.
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