Speedometer Cable Question: Aftermarket or “New Chrysler”?

I am looking for a new speedometer cable, I noticed that Year one has three of them listed here.


Does any one have any experience with changing the speedometer cables? The project car it is going to be for is a ’74 Duster with a 440/727. What do they mean “new chrysler”? I am going to assume that the “aftermarket” cable is a cheap repop.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

74 charger bb k frame

same as above with stabilizer link 125$ plus shipping

queston on a-body seat tracks interchange

doing a 68 dart with buckets, what tracks will work? 67-69 or could i use 71 or later? how about a b-body set? any help on this would be great.

a-body k member

a-body k member totally complete all new pst bushings, ball joints, and tierods.has brand new willwood brakes for a 9inch drum spindals. has the power steering pump and all lines. set up with big block mounts. last time im listing it here then to ebay i bought a alterk and i need it to go. in the way .550.00$ brakes have 0 miles 717-715-3456 sorry no pics i do this at work! im in lancaster Pa,pick up or arrange shipping mopara69@comcast.net

Anyone build Models?

If anyone is interested I have a *_Model Kit Board Here. (http://modelmasters.proboards3.com/index.cgi)_*

Heres my latest craze, JUNKERS!! It’s…

VHT Real Orange

Just wondered if anyone had ever used this on their drums? If so how did it look??

What was the shade of orange like???

I have never seen…

63 trans crossmember mod

I finally did it!! I now have 2 1/2 inch off the headers almost straight back into magnaflow performance mufflers. Man what a nice little rumble. I still have to finish it up but it sure sounds better than the old econo turbo mufflers. I also learned that the cutout that calls for a 1.25 radius on the crossmember mod needs to be just that or it will bottom out on the crossmember frame area:(:(:( I made mine 1.5 just to make sure I had enough room to run the pipes. Needless to say I now have a…