Poor Dodge half ton..

thiis poor half ton fell to the dark side..


OK . . . so how do I put a value on parts?

So I’m parting out a 68 barracuda convertible and I’m having a problem putting a value on some parts. How do you put a price on something when you rarely find it for sale? Example: Small bolt pattern kelsey hayes disc brakes w/ spindles?

It seems like alot of A-body stuff, but mostly barracuda parts are almost non-existant. Just wondering if you folks have some suggestions?


pics of those with flaming river columns

been deciding if i’d like to drop a couple benjamins on a new column instead of converting my column shift into a floor shift. if anyone has a flaming river column installed please post pics.

Were headrests an option in ’68?

Our newly aquired 68 Barracuda convertible came with headrest buckets and I was wondering if thats an option for 68 or if they’re 69 seats that came with the car? The seat cover pattern is a 68 pattern (LINK (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v162/Dukes69/DSCN0248.jpg)) as far as I can tell.

The hard part is we have a set of non headrest buckets (white) that are ready to go. If this was indeed an option in 68 would it be worth while to recover the headrest seats and use those?


Dart Stripe Question

Just wondering how the factory did the stripe here (the line where the lower valance connects to the quarter panel)?

Do you cut a straight line with a blade, and fold it in ?

Do you just run the stripe down and leave it as is ?

How do you do it ?


Bucket Seat Track Interchange?

Hey Guys,

I need a little help here. I have a nice set of bucket seats from a late 70’s-early 80’s B-Body Mopar that I plan on using in my 72 Dart. I bought them w/o tracks. I have located the correct tracks for the seats but I am unsure if the tracks will work in the Dart.

*I have included picts of the tracks from the 82 Lebaron seats. Does anyone think these tracks will work or can be made to work in an A-Body?*

*What is the distance from the floor to the bottom of the seat on an…

How P.O’d am I???

For the last three weeks I’ve been screwing around with some guy named Charles Tony Dunn on my runner. We negotiated a price, and had talked many, many times on the phone and emails.

Without getting in to all the particulars about what was holding him up in getting the money (borrowing it from the bank) today he says he had the money in hand and wanted me to deliver the car to Carlisle….1400 miles from home on about 12 hours notice.

So I get everything ready on my end which required a LOT…