KH recall wheels on Ebay Okay boys, get your checkbooks out……..

Needed!! B K-frame for A-body

I need a big block k-member for a 68 Barracuda. Will take any V8 frame but prefer what i need! 40 miles west of Houston……

104 jack hook wanted for ’70 B-Body

Got one? Must be able to mail via USPS to Alaska.




Where is everyone tonight?

I’m here :cheers2:

73 Dart SE 4 door parts for sale

Hey everyone, I’m parting out this 73 4 door Dart SE. All the glass is good in it. Good hood and front fenders, except some small rust holes about the size of a quarter right behind the front tires. Good grille in it except one mounting tab is split, so the screw won’t hold. The bumpers are decent for a driver, but a show car would need rechromed. All the interior is still there, white in color, but can’t vouch for the shape of it. I’m going to be stripping it down in the next couple of weeks…

I got 2 new toys……


Hello to all

Hello A-body people, A very quick introduction. My name is Tim, and I’ve owned and worked on A-Body Mopars since the early ’60s. I spent some time as a mechanic and gofer on one of the early Dodge Dart road racers, pre Trans-Am FIA lightweight. I also owned a Dart, myself, which I ran in SCCA A-Sedan for a time before switching to smaller cars. I had a ’63 Valiant station wagon, as a tow car. I wish I still had it, because it progressively got the left overs from racing, so it had the…