ignition switch?

if my car doesnt start when i turn the key but i can still hotwire it, would that mean my ignition switch is bad?

questions about right after paint is laid

Hopefully within the next week my painter will have room in his shop to weld in new spare tire well and paint my duster. After it is painted I’ll be spraying the interior floor pans with black rust bullet. Since I’ll have to mask off everything that I dont want black, how long after the car is painted can i lay on plastic sheets to mask off the car?

Attn: rebeldart

Hey man i can’t PM ya the details about the gas cap until you clear out some of your PM space.

Possible Hemi Dart/Cuda 18 spline found??

Hello all,

Putting in the father’s 727 tonight in his GTX and got to talking about 4 spds. Interest ensued, and the chrysler parts interchange book was introduced.

The part # for 67′ yr first 2 digits are 25, 68′ = 28, 69′ = 34. This is a raised ID pad 18 spline hemi 4spd. More than likely a 68 model year. The parts interchange book has all yrs all makes, engine sizes etc… accounted for but this part # 28390380 is unaccounted for, as is the 68 ss cuda’s and darts which are not found…

i have an question about body work

im trying to get an 68 gt with an 383 bb in it. i took it in to an body shop to get it repainted.well that was this last aprial and i called today to see if it was done and it isent even in primer. all that is done is trounk floor and outer ext. and rear quarters that was panel bond not welded.he also has an list of stuff and charged me 133 hours and i bought the panels. is this an raping or not?

dynamat for A Body tell me about yours…

I am looking for some ideas if you have used Dynamat or something like it in your car.

I am trying to find out… what you used and if you would recommend it.
How many feet you needed to complete the job.
Some gotchas I should be aware of for installing in my car.
If you used the dynamat roller to apply. ..
Any photos of what you did..


need some help on 2 stupid problems…

First issue I am having now, is that I have my new, ordered from mopar performance, oil dipstick and tube and it is very very very snug while trying to get it in place…is there a trick to getting this thing it? I do not believe i can hit it any harder with the hammer or it will bend…i am thinking about grinding the end that goes in the block a bit…..

second issue, i have been anal(excuse my french) with bagging and tagging all the parts off the car when i pulled the motor… but for…