Parts Store Prices!

I walked into a CarQuest today for a tube of RTV Black to install my intake manifold it was freakin almost 8 bucks! A little tube of seam sealer was $17 and a can of Right Stuff was 25 dollars! WTF is going on?

275/60/15 tire fitment question?

There was a red Dart vert. that had 275/60/15 under it with no minitub & no spring reloc, anyone know who I’m talking about?:read2:

turbo-action serious shift full man valve body

turbo-action serious shift cheetah full man valve body
asking $215 brand new in plastic/box never used!
or trade for a rebuilt with shift kit small block 904 trans

Application: 1966-92 Torqueflite 727, 904 (Non Lock-Up)
Shift Pattern: PRN321
Comments: No Engine Braking in First Gear

Charger R/T A body?

So here is the scoop. I sold a few dart parts to this guy from Brazil via ebay. We got to emailing back and forth and exchanged pictures of each others projects. I was shocked at the Mopar models in Brazil as I’m sure all of you will be. This is a Brazil model 1975 Charger R/T. He also has a 1976 as a project and a very odd dart. I think the charger looks awesome. Check this out.

Early ‘cuda & misc parts

Misc Mopar parts:
’63-’66 Valiant or Barracuda drivers door complete – $100
’63-’65 Valiant or ’64-’65 Barracuda hood – $100
A B or E body P/S box, small sector, not sure or working condition – $30
Manual steering box 24:1 not sure how much play – $30
5 blade viscous fan package – $30
15×7 Police / Cop wheels w/ low-profile tires $150
Bullet style rally center caps $60
3 spoke Grant steering wheel with adapter – $25

Coolant Overflow Bottle Question

New to site so you can understand if this question is too dumb.

I have a 1974 Dart Sport 318. Radiator was previously changed out from 19″ to 22″. Coolant overflow hoses were removed.

I know the molded in tube from the bottom of the bottle connects to the radiator and one of the fittings on the green cap is for the overflow, but what is the other cap fitting for? (One small and one larger)

As they say, any help would be greatly appreciated! :cheers:

Thanks, Another Mike

Can someone ID these 2 mystery trans?

Hey everyone:

I got a couple small-block 904’s with a parts car recently, and I’d like to narrow down the years of possible:

First trans is supposed to be non-lockup 904:

Rail: 2892029 2670650

Case top: 2538 473-1