Happy B day Pin Tree Mopar!!

52 and where are you 😀

GM carb on my 400

i noticed that my carb is stamped GM…… in was on my motor when i got it. is this comon??

msd multi step retard , 456 dana 60 gear 4/sale

i have a new in the box #8975 multi step digital retard for sale . they are 199.99 in jegs. i will take 135 plus shipping . i live in eastern kentucky 41164. you can send a message here or at hendersonde@alltel.net
thanks dewayne henderson
also i will let this run here for a couple of days then i am going to post them on moparts and racing junk .


Image: http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c62/hilbillyconquest/parts001.jpg


fixing seat tears

I have seen that permatex makes a product that repairs vinly rips and tears in seats. It’s only $15 and was wondering if anyone here has tried it. I really don’t want to spend over $200 bucks for a new seat material not to mention the labor cost for installing it. The front bench seat in my duster has a few tears. The worse is the passenger side. The rest of the seat is in overall good condition just filthy in the picture. Im sure very few people have tried the product but it dosn’t hurt to…

Front Sway Bar Bushings

Need some HELP here guys. There must be someone out there that has replaced the poly bushings on the front sway bar on a 1970 Dart Swinger or other similar cars. They are the triangular shaped bushing parts that are set inside the stock metal brackets. I have read that you can put them in hot water and that they will expand and loosen up, and then put over the large ends of the sway bar, but how do you get them in the brackets without damaging them. There doesn’t seem to be much room for the…

Where’s all the chatters?

Weds. night and nobody is chatting. I’m there for a few.


Need Opinions: Rally or Crager?

This weekend I am going to Mopar Carlisle to pick a few odds and ends. I am stuck deciding whether I want to keep my Crager SS wheels on the Barracuda or buy a set of stock Chrysler rallys. I really like the tough look of the rally wheels, but those chrome Cragers are sharp too. Does anyone have a preference? I’m stuck on the fence about it.