Dixco Mopar logo hood tach

I have an excellent Dixco hood tach for sale, looks like new amd works like new, has the Mopar pentastar logo on it. I just noticed in the picture…

Online Car Marketplaces


could anyone says me, which onlinemaketplaces exists in the US?
Like: craigslist, ebay.com a.s.o.?


Want to go Poverty . . .

Caps that is. What is the correct steel wheel and cap for 68? Thanks in advance.

Quick Q on oil pans.

The Satellite is in need of an oil pan.

Was thinking mildon but the real Q here is how hard is it in this body?

This is my first ever Mopar…

Redneck’s father/son project

This is what we are starting with. My son’s birthday present for his 15th birthday. As I learned after the fact, he had already found the car and…

70’s Dodge truck 3 core radiator

I need a nice 1970’s Dodge truck 3 core radiator.Bottom hose should be on the passenger side and the top hose should be on the drivers side.

Hyd clutch master cylinder mounting

Where is the best place to mount the master cylinder for a hydraulic clutch?It look like to me next to the brake master cylinder.But there is not really enough flat surface there.I have a kit from Chucks classic cars it came witha Wilwood master cylinder.
Any ideas without have to hack up my firewall. Thanks,Jim