I am a oldman . I have a 1968 roadrunner coupe. I been working on these old beast for 40 years. Thru the years I have owned 25-30 mopars.I am not…

Lets see your cars!


Rant on!!! Im grumpy today.

Ok it’s been one of those days where every little thing has pissed me off and no one is safe car guy or not!!!

Why the hell is it that some dill holed jerk off in his jacked up 4×4 extended cab long bed with the 12billion sets of shocks, painted and chrommed out rear end, polly bushings (you could tell they were polly because he had to advertise the fact by getting the color of bushings that clashed with the rest of the parts around them, did you know they make bright yellow polly bushings?)…

Wheel size choice and fit

I”m really into the american racing torq-thrust 2 wheel for my 67 dart, but i’m not sure on the sizing of what I can put on? Should i run with 17 and anyone know is these would work (i know they should work in the rear but im not sure about in the front) or should i run the 15 inche wheels all the way around or a 15 up front and a 16 out back?
Heres the link to the wheels
Page 2 Series 505

IF anyones got some pic of a dart with 17 inch….

727 Vs the 904

I’ve heard that the 727 (in the car now) uses more power then the 904. I’ve located a rebuildable 904 and want to know if it’s worth doing the swap?

Lets get the Photo Gallery Filled Guys

Lets get the Photo Gallery (http://www.forbbodiesonly.com/moparforum/vbpicgallery.php?) Filled up Guys!

there goes the neighborhood!

most, if not all of you know me already 😀
as long as your not a donkey or a midget
we will get along fine 😎
oh also throw in burgerking and…