b body tranny in a a body?

other then the shifter mounts in the wrong spot, what else is not the same and would have to be done to put a b/e body manuale tranny in my 69 barracuda? bell houseing? drive shaft lenth?

67 Dart GT finish panel What do you think?

for those with 67 Dart GT finish panels that are less than perfect and wnat to make them look better what do you think of this?

it was smoothed and painted

once I get 4 pieces of trim to go above and below I will get it installed

Alternator / Regulator help please

So I

Duster Rat Rod ???

anyone built a Duster Rat Rod project?

early a 100 seats

I have a set of a 100 van seats from a 66 van. they are complete with slides and most mounting hardware. One is stripped the other is complete but needs recovering. I also have new in box legendary seat covers black with gold center section. Want to sell everything together. $200.00

1 quick (dumb) gauge question

all right i have had the dash apart on my wifes 71 dart for about 7 months now. i started putting it all back together last night. my question is were there any wires connected to the backs of the gas gauge and the temp. gauge? i really can’t remember, nor do i see the wires. not easy seeing anything upside down for that matter!

62 dodge max wedge at nationals.

Will anyone be bringing one to the nationals.I am restoring mine and would like to see the ground cables on the firewall.