Kick Down

Does anyone know if the kick down/passing gear linkage is the same for a 727 or the 904? Need linkage for a 69 340 Dart, can get the linkage off a 71 318 904 Dart. At least I think it had a 904, the 318 is still there so that’s certain.

Thanks in advance for any help.

whos bringing their cars to hot august nights?

i will be all around next week .
i have wed-sun off..
i will be at the swap meet thurs-fri for sure.. and i am going to the drags in fernley friday nite 6pm-midnight, with my 440 dart…
what are you guys doin??
anyone going to find some street races????

Where to get Sending Units for Factory Gauges

I am assuming that there is a sending unit for the factory rallye dash temp and oil gauge. Anybody know where I can get these? I also assume that the alternator guage does not have a sending unit, that it is built into the wiring. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.

sixpack hood

does anyone know where i can find a fiberglass lift off sixpack hood for my 70 dart? if so about how much?

HELP! Need 8 3/4 Rear end for 70′ Duster

Hey guys. I’m dropping a 383 in my Duster within the next month or two but I haven’t been able to locate the rear end I need to handle it yet though. I don’t care what its out of but I would prefer it to be one of the following:
1967-1973 Plymouth Valiant
1967-1969 Plymouth Barracuda
1970-1976 Plymouth Duster
1971-1972 Dodge Demon
1973-1976 Dodge Dart Sport

All of these have the same 108″ wheel base from what i can gather. If it comes down do it though I’ll take a B-Body rear and just have it…

Hello Everyone

im new here …ill be picking up a 1970 satilite in a week or so …ill post pics of the car so ill have before and after pics of the project ……

calling on all blue cars

my 69 Dart goes for paint on Sept 15, shop says 3 weeks and i will have it back sounds good to me.So if you blue cars could load up pics of your car and paint coad it will help me pick a colour.very hard to to pick a colour from a paint chip.I will anouse the winner .Many thanks Don