Capeting for 66 dart console

Ok Guys, help me out here once again. My 66 Dart has auto w/column shifter. I bought a auto floor console & shifter etc. but isn’t the carpet supposed to cover part of the sides??? I have not found a company that sells carpeting for a “console dart” or a carpet kit… HELP!!!!! Thanks, John

Timing Chain Cover

Hi all,

I’m in need of a small block timing chain cover that is 1970 or later. I’m not looking to spend a lot on this thing.

Still isn’t charging

Ok well I’ve almost had it with the Swinger and I don’t know what else to try. I’ve exchanged the volatage regulator,ballist resistor, and the alternator from my 72 Roadrunner and nothing is keeping a charge in it. And all my lights work now it was a blown fuse and my dash limiter the one RTE offers isn’t blinking like they said it should when I look under the dash so I don’t know where I’m suppsoe to start. Need advice if anyone else has the eletronic dash limiter and have run into this issue…

Cluster Removal


Is there some special trick for removing the cluster on a 1969 Dart? Does it just pull out through the front? I think everything is disconnected but it doesn’t seem like it wants to come out!

Thanks in advance,


aluminum scattershield?

ok a friend of mine says he has an aluminum scattershield, dont know what brand and i havent seen it yet but i’ve never seen or heard of an aluminum scattershield i wouldnt think they would hold up like the steel one’s? is this peice rare, or is he for real? will post pics as soon as i aquire.

Florida A-Bodies…Plant City

Here’s a few pics of the A’s I found at the Plant City Cruise this afternoon……..Not a big showing for the A’s, but some nice rides. They had a number of B’s and E’s too, but the A’s took the day I think.

Small Block tryin to convert me to mopar

I am new to this and just signed up while i was sitting in my machine at work.Iam kind of a Chevy Dude but Bills got me thinking about starting on a Duster. I live next door to him and he always has something going on ,So i thought i would get on here and try to learn a little bit, and I allready have .So for now, maybe make some New friends hang out and learn ,Then we will see what happens never know , might build Duster with a duramax in it .lol thanks ! oh by the way pretty cool site …