Body Shop

I will be moving to New Mexico this fall after 10 yrs on the gulf coast. Does anyone know of a reputable body shop fpr my 72′ Duster near Albuquerque? Or any near amarillo? I’ll be settlin in the town of Clovis, NM and looking for something near about 3hrs away. OR- my folks live near Tulsa, OK and I’d consider having the body/paint done there. Thanks a ton


New to Site

Hello, new to this site…..

LA engine connecting rod ?

How thick (at the big end) is one connecting rod supposed to be? All i can find is the spec for the clearance between two rods on the crank.

BEWARE of “PA Dart Guy”

OK Fellers, here’s the deal. Alan a.k.a. PA Dart Guy sold my son a 68 Valiant, $500 a real good deal. During the transaction he told us that he had a “RUNNING’ 1978 440 out of a motor home that he would let us have for $400. I told him that we would get in touch with him after Christmas.

We went to look at the motor on Sat, January 10th. When we got there Alan explained that the motor had some water in it because it was stored outside and had lost its cover. I told Alan that this build was…

Searching for a small part

Any one know where I can pick a torsion bar adjuster bolt from the lower control arm. Mine broke when was removing it and now I’m putting everything back in place I need to replace it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Am I being too worry-some?

My ’73 Duster hasn’t been on the road since 2005. Before that it was driven daily. I plan on driving the balls off of it this summer. Should I worry about the wiring or am I just being worry-some?

Removing SB intermediate shaft??

I’ve got an intermediate shaft on an old 273 that is stuck. I’ve soaked it in Marvel Mystery oil, made a puller to catch under the gear and got it almost all the way to the top. I suspect there is crap on the shaft that is getting bigger as I slide it further up. Can’t get the puller on the gear now that it is almost at the top. I was thinking of welding a stud on the gear and pulling on it with a slap hammer. Anyone have this problem before and have a solution?