New Hemi

Mopar guys out there can you send Info on the hemi-
In order for me to set the 2003 Hemi in my duster i will need to get the right engine mounts- most of the info ive learned was from STREET&PERFORMANCE- also clearance issues between headers and steering linkage- all of the modifications are being done to a ’73 duster- thanks for any info :snakeman:


:spiderma: Hi out there looking for some big block headers for my 440 – the ones iam looking for kinda rap over the wheel wells- and are design for Abodies – i will be setting the motor in this weekend :spiderma:

20″ wheels

Is nothing sacred when it comes to wheels anymore?

plymouth duster hood emblems

i need a hood emblem from a 70-72 duster

14×8 wheel 65 b’cuda…clearance?

Anyone know if I can use 14 x 8 (small bolt) rims w/4 in backspace on my stock 65? Thanks, I appreciate the help.

M/T valve covers

1 set of S/B M/T valve covers. No cracks need painted or blasted to look new.
$75.00 plus shipping.
Edelbrock S/B 4 bbl. intake dual plane
$75.00 plus shipping.
PM me for photos

should I use ballast resister with msd blaster 2 coil

Hey guys. Putting a blaster 2 coil on my cuda & instructions are not real clear if I need to use included resister(.80 ohm) in addition to resister on firewall. My setup is mopar performance distributer & chrome ignition box. All instructions say are its needed with points & not needed with modern electronic ignitions but then they say its needed on some of msd’s boxes. Thanks for any info.