Stainless trim restoration – recommendation

Does anyone have recommendations on who you use to restore stainless trim like wheel well moldings? Can you provide a rough guess as to the cost? Mine aren’t bad. One has a little scratch and two of them have tiny door dings (1/8″ dia). They all do need to be polished and protected.


Newb from Washignton state

Well my name is James I’m 26 and I am acquiring my dream car a 74′ 2 door Dart Swinger. I honestly don’t know much about these cars btu this body style has always caught my attention. I’m trading my little pick up for it when my title comes in the current owner is cool enough to hold the car for me with a small down payment until my title arrives. From what I’m told it has every option except A/c it’s got a really decent running 318, I don’t know what trans is in it but it’s a Auto on the…

Historic Plates !

*Historic Plates,*

*Just in case you do not know, the department of transportation in Ontario Canada may have decieved you, as they did me. I have Historic plates on my car as of last year when I put it on the road. The women said “Oh, u can put historic plates on your car, as it is a 1968.”. I asked her what the difference was and she said, about a third the price. So I got them.*

*So now I have found this article, and read it, I will be changing my plates in the spring. I thought it was…

Mystery Part

This thing came on the ’69 Cuda under dash harness I purchased. Stupid me, I got in a hurry when I was cleaning it up and pulled this from it’s plug and didn’t catch what connector I pulled it from. I thought I saw a cage for something like this under my dash but couldn’t find it when I went back under the dash.

What is it and what connector did this dumb ass pull it from?

I hope you all don’t tired of me asking stupid questions, I’ll learn from you and i’ll pass it along at some point I’m…

Sure-Grip- kaput.

After a few weeks building a new,custom set of headers, I got the Dart back to the track to see if it was all worth it, and was treated to 3/10’s e.t. improvement, and 4 mph!!! 3/10’s in the eighth is big fo me!! But- the freebie 3.91 Sure-Grip I scored off my donor van is in its last pass death throes! But, I figured out a cool way to get both tires to spin in the water box! Spin the bejeeezuz outta them right in the waterbox mud, then let ‘er rip and pray it stops before you cross over…

My 74 Dart Swinger

Howdy fella’s,

I’m new to the board, let me start by introducing my self!, the names Shawn, I’m 19 and the Dart is my second card and second project, first car was a 68 Cougar 302, my first project was a 72 Chevy V8 Vega, I’ll post up some pics for yall fella’s to see if ya want to look at the other side of the auto realm:-D

Any ways, I bought the 74 about a year and a half ago and ran into a fair amount of problems at this point the car has no engine in it, I blew the front main seal on it…

15×8 wheels wanted

I need 2 15×8 wheels to mount my lil slicks on. the more back spacing the better. (4-5in would be great).. They don’t need to be purty!